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An exhibit to:
  • Reminisce the Holy Men who illumine our daily journey of faith, hope and charity
  • Remember the Saints in order to make the communion with the Heavenly Church more active
The memory of the persons are kept alive by the love that binds us to them, of how much we remember them, re-read and re-listen their memory… but time enfeebles the memories, especially if generations pass to whom the memory is entrusted. Therefore, we safeguard the places, images, pictures and objects that evoke the persons we love.

This is the reason why we have this exhibit. Our Mothers told us about our Blessed Father Founder, they kept his memory, transmitting to us the educative charism, the teachings and the spirituality; they well looked after the objects, to enliven the past and to vivify the stability of the origin in the memory.

They are objects kept for 118 years with love, care and devotion by our Mothers and Sisters that express a memory full of sentiments and actuality of idea and spirituality.
The sacred vessels, objects and used vestments and with time had worn out , express the daily life of a committed person in the Church and in the society, in the service of the Lord, acknowledged by the brethren in the priestly ministry and as founder and educator.
They are all objects-relics in which the preciousness is not inherent to the object itself but by being used by a Blessed person.

This exhibit is a clear and simple historical journey, to reminisce the holiness of life of a Christian, priest, founder and educator: On May 16, 2015, Fr. Luigi Caburlotto was proclaimed “Blessed” by Pope Francis with a solemn ceremony held at St. Mark’s Square.
Everything that we see in the exhibit is an instrument to recognize one person who from 1850 until now, has touched the hearts of more than thousand women of various time and culture. He sustained them in a journey of faith, consecration and assimilation to Christ in the service of the brethren: the children, the youth and the needy.

A synopsis of some historical reflection on the image of the Founder and on the story of the Institute of the Daughters of Saint Joseph
  • Positio Historica is the fundamental text published in 1993, a text with more than thousand pages, that gives historical documentation to the biography and renowned holiness of the Servant of God. The historians approved the text; the study of this POSITIO on the part of the theologians had made him proclaimed as Venerable in 1994.
  • The First Biography printed in 1937 can be seen – a work of Sr. Virginia Perini. It is a text which is very interesting and involving because it is above all a fruit of personal knowledge.
  • Brief Accounts follow, a publication of his life
  • In 1990 a story of his life was published entitled: “Luigi Caburlotto, an apostle of education,” a work of the Venetian historian Msgr. Silvio Tramontin
  • Other book like Con Fiduciosa Speranza, a collection of his educative writings in1996.
  • Other short books
  • Feminine Work, characteristic of the Educative Institute, samples of feminine work, simple and precious embroideries, other needlework, exercises of beautiful script writing, a notebook for the catechesis on the liturgy.
  • Publications about the Institute of the Daughters of St. Joseph. A collection of the publication in the founding anniversaries of the Institute or of its work. It is a story full of life lived with fidelity to the Charism and Spirituality, a transmitted heritage of the Blessed Luigi Caburlotto to his Daughters.
  • Other available books/booklets.

Blessed Fr. Luigi Caburlotto protects and sustains you!!!

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