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Palazzo Rizzi

The Holiday House, owned by the Religious Family of the St. Joseph’s Daughters of Caburlotto, is situated inside two splendid adjacent historical buildings, one is Palazzo Rizzi which is also the name given to the “Fondamenta”.

The structure is beneficial to a qualitative and fascinating atmosphere exclusive of a residence that is a characteristic of Venetian era and at the same time a place of serene meditation and prayer, to the fact that the “House” in the end of 1800 was already the Religious House of the St. Joseph’s Daughters of Caburlotto up to date.

The House, which has big communal spaces and rooms of amusements, opened from this year the “Museum of Fr. Luigi Caburlotto” dedicated to his life, work and history of the founder of the Congregation who was in May 2015 proclaimed “Blessed” in St. Mark’s Square.

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Casa Caburlotto it’s also in Rome!

Lost in the middle of a flourishing garden, surrounded by pines and holm oaks, Casa Caburlotto Rome, entirely newly renovated, has 27 spacious and bright rooms suitable for individuals, groups, families, religious and otherwise.